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Love means never having to say you make license plates



A Midwest City woman details life as the wife of a convicted murderer in the August 2007 issue of Redbook magazine. Justeen Cosar met her hubby, Aaron, while accompanying a friend whose spouse was in the clink.


"I told Aaron that I worked as a court reporter and was a single mother of three teenagers," she said, as recorded in the mag. "He told me he was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder with the possibility for parole."


Whereas most women might consider "killed a guy" a turnoff, Cosar found herself falling for Aaron, feeling "incredible chemistry" during a prison social. A year later, she brought him Chinese food and he hid an engagement ring in an egg roll. (As Confucius say, "Date he who is incarcerate.")


In 2001, the happy couple was married " well, as happy as a couple can be in a state that prohibits conjugal visits. The article notes they make do without doing via "sexy phone calls," during which Cosar reads erotica to her spouse.


Hey, it's not exactly "Dear Penthouse Forum "¦ ," but, Cosar said, "I've had more physical pleasure with my husband on the phone than I ever had with any other man."


Cosar mentions that after 21 years behind bars, her husband is up for parole for the third time, which she hopes will prove the proverbial charm.

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