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Love ya, too, Eddie Vedder



He knows Chesapeake Energy Arena is a Ticketmaster venue, right?

Nevermind that, we guess.

The ... show ... sold out. Didn’t it? However, we did get tickets for sale on Ticketmaster for $64-ish. Plus fees. So, $80-plus.

But we digress.

What’s disturbing is that
on the band’s tour, even as a joke, Vedder, eh, kids about “the fuckers
in Oklahoma City.” See, the Seattle bandleader and apparent baller is
still pissed off about that whole SuperSonics thing ... from 2008.
During a recent gig in Charlotte, N.C., the Pearl Jam frontman lamented
that he hadn’t been to that city in 10 years, admitting he “might have
been upset because you have a basketball team and we don’t,” he said in
fan video posted to YouTube.

goes on to say in a video from the concert posted to YouTube, “It’s the
fuckers in Oklahoma City; that’s who we should really be disgusted
with.” He then corrected himself: “Did I say fuckers? I meant to say
Thunders ... Thunders fuckers.”

Thunders. With an “s.” Your band’s fan club has been planning a
fundraiser and get-together here for months before this week’s sold-out
show, friend. All of those fuckers are probably Thunder fans, too.
Should we tell them you said hello?

Pearl Jam plays Saturday at Chesapeake Arena.

Somebody get him to a Thunder game. Stat.

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