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We parlayed that into a conversation about local artists, writers, dancers and musicians.

Discussions like this remind me that the local arts and food scenes are doin’ just fine.

Another area that shouldn’t be neglected is local shopping. Now, I know we’re all guilty of ordering things online because of convenience. Just for a second, however, I’d like you to consider this city without your favorite shops: It wouldn’t be great, right?

By making purchases locally, whether it’s an everyday item, specialty accoutrement or holiday-inspired decor, you impact the culture of our city. The more you shop in the metro, the more options you’ll have to choose from. Not to mention the compliments you’ll get on your unique treasures.

For a variety of home charms, from throw pillows to bath and body care, Painted Door (124 E. Sheridan; 235-4410) in Bricktown is a luxurious destination. You’ll find gourmet foods, and everything can be wrapped in-store via its complimentary gift-wrapping service.

Did I mention there’s valet parking? Because there is. Now you’ve got no reason not to go.

For something absolutely quirky, I would wager a fair amount of money you’ll find it at Craig’s Curious Emporium (3004 Paseo; 524-9447).

First of all, the aromas command your senses as soon as you walk in. From incense to the homemade candles, it’s impossible to leave Craig’s without a brand-new smellscape for your home space. There’s a plethora of locally handcrafted jewelry, scarves and interesting home-decor pieces.

Basically, you feel like you’ve discovered a magical land when you’re inside. And when you leave, you’ll feel a little bit more peaceful and serene than when you entered.

Are you the kind of serious shopper who isn’t overwhelmed by a wide variety of quality products, from homemade to vintage? Then consider Feathered Nest Market (6353 N. MacArthur; 470-8376).

One can easily get lost in this cavernous market. The huge building is divided into small areas that showcase the products for sale. One theme might be a posh dining area; another, an 18th-century bedroom. I’ve picked up fascinators, purses and vintage spectacles.

The best part about the treasure trove is that its collections come from multiple local enthusiasts. There are areas designated for handcrafted kids clothing, for vintage furniture refurbished with a twist, and for old-fashioned “junk” collections. You will be met with every shopping option from a slew of vendors.

Your city’s got what you need.

(Cue outro tune: Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”) Get bragging rights on your cool stuff and directly impact the local economy. Let’s shop, OKC!

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