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If so, you’re not alone. And just to prove it, every year at Oklahoma Gazette, we serve a sampling of articles that celebrate the swigging of tasty, big-people drinks.

This year, more than any, I’ve been drawn toward a certain level of sustainability, increasingly aware of the importance in reducing the size of my carbon footprint. I’m not alone, I know.

So, those of you who like to get boozy while staying green will be glad to hear about the rad stainless-steel straws at The International Pantry in Norman (1618 W. Lindsey; 360-0765).

They are perfect for an iced beverage in a tall glass, or for smoothies or — if you roll the way I do — beer.

Another great product for the environment, as well as incredibly handy for picnics, is the Govino wineglass line available for purchase at La Baguette (7408 N. May; 840-3047). The glasses are stemless, shatterproof and, best of all, reusable.

My favorite part about this product is the groove in the side of the glass for your thumb. Having a firm grip on your cocktail is the best way to guard against party fouls.

Speaking of containers ... for those of you who are fancy and know the difference between which receptacles go with which drinks, head to Culinary Kitchen (7222 N. Western; 418-4884). All things glassware will be at your disposal. Depending on the type of wine or beer you’re enjoying, the type of glass can play a role in enhancing the flavors.

Not to mention, a quick way to kill the party buzz is to drink straight from the bottle, no matter
what your drink of choice is. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re
too old to drink from the bottle. Keep it classy.

Having established the importance of what you drink from, consider Red Party Cup, which is also at Culinary Kitchen. These little gems are made for the ultimate beer pongers.

They look just like the red Solo cups Toby Keith wrote that entire song about, but the kick is their sustainability. They are reusable and come in packs of four.

Go and be merry. Party it up, but stay responsible by honoring the environment with sensible choices. And, c’mon, no drinking and driving. Let’s shop, OKC!

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