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Lyric Theatre performance marks its territory



"Why not?" said director Nick Demos. "First of all, it's a show that Lyric has never done. It's a fairly new piece and I think it's even more timely now than when it came out in 2001. I think that the last seven or eight years, we've gone to a place politically that is even more heightened than when they wrote it, so I think it's a great time for it."

"Urinetown: The Musical" is a Tony Award-winning comedy that scrutinizes and satirizes everything from corporate greed to political corruption to blind idealism. It tells the story of a city in the midst of a terrible water shortage that has led to a government-enforced ban on private toilets. The citizens are forced to use public facilities, regulated by a single company (the Urine Good Company) that profits by charging admission. Tensions rise as the rich get richer at the expense of the poor until one hero decides, with the help of his lady love, to plan a revolution of the bladder-oppressed that will lead them all to freedom.

Sound a little heady? Never fear!

"It's a very broad comedy," Demos said. "There are pages out of what I'd call the Carol Burnett school. We've been laughing every day (during rehearsals) "? at ourselves, at each other, at how ridiculous it is. I have a stage manager named Jenny who is very stoic. So I know that when she laughs, we're doing well."

Not only does "Urinetown" tell its story of oppression and rebellion with tongue firmly in cheek, but it does so while poking fun at other musicals. Audiences will recognize bits from "West Side Story," "Evita," "Les Mis


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