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Machine Head



What's missing? A reason to care. 

Marlboro-throated Rachel (Sharon Hinnendael, star of the recent Embrace of the Vampire remake) and her fellow spoiled-brat friends spend spring break at a totally sweet Cali-desert house owned by some rich dude her dad knows. The girls lose their enthusiasm over a week of endless drinking and dicking when Rachel is forced to take along her two younger sisters, who basically are treated as third-class citizens because they aren't nearly as pretty. 


In other words, debuting director Jim Valdez and his co-writer, Joel Souza, have made the supposed "heroines" into — pardon my French — total bitches. I also hate to sound like a broken-record reviewer, but your protagonists shouldn't act like antagonists. We shouldn't eagerly be awaiting the scary dude in the big, black muscle car (Vinny Curran, Resolution) to catch up with them and start picking them off … and if we are, well, you and I have a problem that could use a therapist.  

Nice conclusion, though.  —Rod Lott

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