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In this age of "The Daily Show," Mad magazine hasn't exactly been a go-to source for cutting-edge political humor. The March 2008 issue attempts to regain some of that credibility with the piece "Why George W. Bush Is in Favor of Global Warming," featuring the work of 10 cartoonists.

It'd be a stunt only if said cartoonists weren't Pulitzer Prize winners, and it's actually kind of nice to see Mad this "classed up," hearkening back to its heyday.

Elsewhere, the magazine appears to be back in the movie and TV spoof business, with strong parodies of "Heroes" and "American Gangster," now called "Zeroes" and "American Gagster," with the latter pointing out all the rip-off from other films of its ilk.

Summer's upcoming Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" is represented by production stills with funny captions. While it's unfortunate that Heath Ledger died just after this went to press, no jokes at the expense of his Joker reek of bad taste, luckily.

I also got a kick out of:
" a suggestion that the CIA replace waterboarding with the game "Rock, Testicles, Scissors";
" a "Zoey 101" parody ad making fun of Jamie Lynn Spears' delicate condition, as presented by the "Stickyloadeon" cable network;
" modern updates of old Dave Berg "The Lighter Side" strips; and
" the ever-reliable "Spy vs. Spy."

"?Rod Lott


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