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Mad Money



Reviewer's grade: C


Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) is a Kansas City housewife whose husband (Ted Danson) has lost his corporate fat-cat status to the realities of the marketplace. When she finds they must sell their ginormous house and live like the other, lowly 99 percent of humanity, Bridget gets a job cleaning up at the Federal Reserve.


Since labor doesn't suit her disposition, Bridget soon enlists the help of co-workers Nina Brewster (Queen Latifah, "Hairspray") and Jackie Truman (Katie Holmes) to help her steal cash. They do, and they continue to do so, which eventually becomes problematic. Basically a comedic heist movie with hints of darker undertones, "Mad Money" tries to make some comment on the effects of greed on friendship and family, but it's a message that ultimately falls flat.


Greed and unrealistic, undeserved expectations fulfilled destroys whatever positive lessons were learned, bathed away in a shower of (literally) filthy lucre. PG-13


"?Mike Robertson 




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