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Mad Science Camp hopes to (figuratively) blind kids with science



Mad Science Camp
Monday-Wednesday, ongoing
Multipurpose Activity Center
130 W. Covell
$130, ages 3-6

If you can't keep your kids from watching one of the numerous crime shows on TV, then why not put that interest to use?

The Multipurpose Activity Center at Edmond's Mitch Park, 130 W. Covell, will host the Mad Science Camp, a hands-on learning lab. Derick Brock, the camp's managing director, said that kids will learn how to process a crime scene just like they see on TV.

"We do everything from fingerprinting to bone study," he said. "We have mock crime scenes where we look for clues and take prints like on TV, but on a kid level."

The camp is 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, July 16. Other themed Mad Science camps will take place around Edmond throughout July.

Brock said the secret agent lab is the camp's most popular session and is a fun alternative for kids who may otherwise be having a dull summer.

"If you look at the average child and ask what they are doing during the summer, they are probably just sitting around playing video games," he said. "We want to spark their interest and experience what they watch on TV, but take it out of the box. I mean, how often do you get to lift fingerprints off a Coke can?"

The camp is $130 for children ages 3-6. For more information, call 285-9643. "Adam Kemp

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