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Madison County



• "What are the chances … we take it, then get completely lost?"
• "You kids best be gettin' out of here."
• "Hello? Anybody home?"
• "Maybe we should just go back."

They don’t go back. But at least in this indie effort, they’re off to meet an author. In other slasher films, the main goal is sex and drugs.

OK, so I don’t see why one collegian’s need to interview a writer for a paper requires a whole carload of boys and girls to accompany him, but accompany they do, to the redneck backwoods area of the title, where pig-masked, ax-wielding, inbred serial killer Damien Ewell (Nick Principe, who also plays Chromeskull in the Laid to Rest slashers) is rumored to run free.

Rumored schrumored. He’s out and about. Damien hits all the kids; County hits all the beats, but in a manner that’s uninspired and unspectacular. The mask looks creepy and the gore realistic, but those two elements alone can’t win favor.

Sadly, the DVD’s Screamfest Q-and-A shows the cast and crew addressing what looks to be a mostly empty theater. The shaky footage is shot by an audience member, so you hear all everything going around him — talking, sinus clearing and all. —Rod Lott

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