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Magician John Shackelford debuts his razor-sharp variety show at Bora Bora



The John Shackelford Variety Show
9 p.m. Saturday
Bora Bora
2415 N. Walker

The 19-year-old John Shackelford first became interested in magic as a child after seeing Lance Burton buried alive on television.

He started performing at age 6, and three years ago, began opening for local and national music acts, including New Found Glory, Electric Six, Mickey Avalon and Ke$ha.

Shackelford has appeared on MTV and local television and radio, including WILD 104.9, where he successfully predicted the teams and final score of the 2010 Super Bowl two weeks in advance. He's performed at a number of local venues, including The Opolis, The Conservatory, Bricktown Live and the Diamond Ballroom, but considers Bora Bora his home.

So it's only fitting for him to debut his new show there.

"They took a shot in the dark and gave me a chance two years ago, and we have been like family ever since," he said.

Shackelford counts David Copperfield, David Blaine and Criss Angel "? not for his magic but for his attitude "? among his influences, but also takes a lot of inspiration from music and movies, in an attempt to create a more dynamic show.

"Regardless of who I'm performing for, I have never had an issue making them laugh. I can be witty and charming while bewildering you," he said.

Shackelford's performance this weekend will run about 35 minutes, and includes some old favorites as well as new material that he's been developing over the last six months.

"I am performing an illusion involving turntables, which is my largest illusion to date and is 100-percent original to me, so you won't see it performed by anyone else," he said.

The show will feature performances by several local bands, including Duo the Sick, Young Jones, Splif, DJ Matt Lindsey and The Feather Pine River Band. Kneighbourhood will headline, celebrating the release of its new CD. "?Eric Webb

photo John Shackelford. Photo/Mark Hancock


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