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Maher causes cancer



Maher segued from Comedy Central to ABC, self-destructed ultimately and landed at HBO, where his rants against America get ever-rottener with every season.
Now Maher’s bringing rot to Oklahoma — only state with every county voting “red” in the last presidential contest. Oklahoma represents everything Maher hates and deconstructs, so comes the question: Who are the idiots buying tickets? What kind of Oklahomans pay good cash to hear a cache of “America Causes Cancer” rants such, as he uttered once on “PI” in 1999. Since then, his hate speech is squared and cubed, yet a concert hall full of self-loathing Okies are gushing at the occasion to see their culture bashed?

Transcripts from “PI” show even then a constant favor to his liberal guests, and interruption of conservatives. Charlton Heston hardly got a single sentence before interruption, yet Elayne Boosler on the same show had almost a hundred words without interruption. Ditto for Janeane Garofalo on another episode. OKC crowds will get all Maher, all the time, all dripping with uninterrupted disdain for the very people paying for his talented insults.
In his “PI” era, Maher periodically demonstrated some less-lefty views, as noting “there are some countries — let's be honest — that were better … seemed like they were better off when England was around to give them a swift kick in the pants.”  A British guest objected, and he startled him by insisting, “Really? Do you think the average Somalian was better off?” and was corrected that the Brits never ruled Somalia! His tart response: “But you ruled a lot of places in third?world countries that are now a mess, that weren't a mess when you were around, and the average person had it better. You don't think that's true?”
Imagine such an utterance today, on HBO, by someone such as Hugh Hewitt or Dennis Prager or David Horowitz or Andrew Breitbart. Maher’s views have tracked leftward faster than a Bill Clinton lie or an Obama waffle.
Maher likely will arrive at his concert by whore-filled limousine, and enjoy a rousing crowd of Okie liberals — a rich vein of their vain vitriol for their own residence is oft displayed by library patrons awaiting the Sunday opening of one library branch. Their dripping disgust for this city hints at the tingle up their leg at Maher ripping the soul out of middle America.
On “PI” he often closed his monologue, “It's all been satirized for your protection,” once adding, “I'm just here to make sure it's all fair, and partial,” which it most certainly will be to a joyously agreeable crowd — itself much as those at the Hollywood branch of the L.A. library system during my nine-year sojourn in Tinseltown. Twice I was in an audience of “PI” in 1997; once he berated a black comic slamming our military. Maher shut him up, as best I remember, with “If it weren’t for the military, you’d be speaking German.”
Maher once queried his guests, If you come to the nation which is the melting pot, shouldn’t you be required to melt a little? Maher does sometimes make a swipe at radical Islam, but with a coating of caveats as thick as the decorations on a Fabergé egg.
They will be rare indeed before his OKC audience, eager to be insulted. There’s a Henny Youngman one-liner somewhere, but I’m not the comic. The tragedy is the OKC blue-legged, tingling audience paying to endorse this wrong-and-rotten creative cousin of Charlie Sheen.

—Steve Finefrock
Oklahoma City

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