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Mail call



From KFOR-TV comes this report of envelope thievery, and it curiously involves sportscaster Van Shea Iven.

"I can hear when the mailman comes by every day," Iven told KFOR. "Every day when he comes by, I'll come out immediately and get my mail."

Erm "¦ we love to get mail, too, Mr. Iven, but we're not trembling in anticipation for the pitter-patter of postal service feet. Anyway, Iven heard the mail arrive recently, according to KFOR, but when he skipped down to the mailbox to retrieve it, there was nothing there.

"I waited maybe five minutes from the time I heard him go by to come out," Iven said.

And in that five minutes thieves struck. And they struck hard. A birthday card from Mom, a football DVD " gone. The horror!

The cops called Iven the next day to report they had found part of his missing mail intermingled with missing mail from 48 other households in the south Edmond area.

"Apparently somebody drove around a neighborhood in south Edmond around the Bryant and Boulevard area and just went behind a mail truck basically and took all the mail out of these people's box and went through it," Glynda Chu, Edmond PD spokeswoman, told KFOR.

Iven said that b-day card held $400 from his mommy dearest, and there's no telling what the dastardly crooks lifted from other mailboxes. Just think of all the distraught households missing the fall Chico's catalogs or latest issue of Golf Digest. Our heart goes out to them.

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