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Your Mom at Norman Music Festival
Photo: G.K. Glaser

With a name like Your Mom, it’s only logical that the Oklahoma City punk act would make it an annual tradition to play a show on Mother’s Day ... especially since it coincides with the band’s first concert. But it’s not a tradition, which makes Sunday’s 10th anniversary show that much more special.

“It’s our second time to play Mother’s Day, and the first time since our first show ... and that was just a total coincidence,” front man Joel Simmons said. “We’d only been a band for a week when we played it.”

One decade later, and things aren’t much different. The core of Simmons and guitarist/songwriter Trevor Sheldon- Gaylor has stayed the same, although Matt Root and Kyle Wimbish have joined the fold as drummer and bassist, respectively.

According to Simmons, practice has not exactly made perfect.

“We’re still terrible, but we’re actually not terrible,” he said. “We talk about how much we suck, but we’ve played these songs for so long, you can’t help but not totally suck. It’s still pretty bad, though.”

Your Mom's Joel Simmons
Photo: Alexandra Dugan

In spite of the self-proclaimed suckage, Your Mom has become a favorite of the Oklahoma punk scene, becoming best bros with The Copperheads, The Boom Bang, Scabby Itchins and John Wayne’s Bitches. It’s gaining a healthy following, despite reciprocating any love with insults and obscenities.

“For some reason, people love us. I don’t get it. I don’t know why,” Simmons said. “The only thing I provide is a douche bag in women’s clothing.”

It’s all rooted in aggression; Your Mom loves letting it out and the crowd loves taking it in.

“It’s our outlet,” Simmons said. “I’m probably an asshole in day-to-day life, but onstage, I’m all asshole. That is my persona. I just let it all out. I tell the audience to fuck off all the time, but they love it. It’s a good release for all parties involved.”

With songs centered around episodes of the talk show Maury, bath-salt-fueled goat murder and dumb patrons of pizza joints, Your Mom is fresh from recording at Bell Lab Studios in Norman for an album that the four-piece plans to have out this summer, or at least by year’s end.

Simmons also hopes that said release might lead to Your Mom’s first real tour, 10 years in.

“Touring is always out there. Whether we buckle down and do it is another question,” he said. “Until then, we’ll just tie our shoes. I’ll put on a dress, go onstage and tell people to go fuck themselves.”

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