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Mama's getting punchy



But wait, don’t award her an MTV Moonman just yet, folks; the character Lambert was playing might not have been much of a stretch, after all.

According to a police report filed by Melanie Peden — a Tishomingo antique shop owner and neighbor to Lambert’s Pink Pistol boutique — the country-pop tart went postal after accusing Peden of stealing her property.

“She had a complete meltdown and threatened to punch me in the mouth if I kept talking,” Peden told the National Enquirer.

“I was stunned and a little bit scared, too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady. She’s got a real anger problem and needs help.”

Chicken-Fried News can neither confirm nor deny whether Peden did, in fact, “steal” Lambert’s property. But even if she did, does that excuse one human being from growling at another? We know Lambert’s hubby, Blake Shelton, “didn’t” have an affair with the younger and hotter (OK, that's arguable) Cady Groves, as some tabloids had reported, but still.

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