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Mamma Mia!




I enjoyed this ABBA smorgasbord, but I didn't actually like the movie, which by any trustworthy standard is lousy. The songs aren't handled well, The choreography is non-existent "? just a lot of running from one place to another, arms waving, and then running back again. Non-singers can frequently get away with non-singing, but non-dancers are just laughable. Director Phyllida Lloyd is left standing at the gate, not sure in which direction she's supposed to run.

There is a plot, but it has nothing to do with the songs. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who is getting married tomorrow, has invited three men her mom (Meryl Streep) had flings with, any one of whom could be her father. She thinks she will recognize the right one when she sees him, which, faster than you can say "DNA testing" "? and no one ever does "? is a crock of Greek sheep dip.

Two things make this watchable. ABBA knew a catchy melodic hook, although their lyrics were and are terrible "? a blend of clich


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