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Man Man puts on high-energy live shows



With its band members furiously jumping from instrument to instrument, Man Man live is a nonstop roller coaster of heartache, beauty, energy and ear-pounding ruckus that, oddly enough, feels like it was gently orchestrated.

What makes all of this even more overwhelming and enthralling is the fact that there are no stops between songs.

"We definitely like to be thought of as putting on a good live show," said drummer Christopher Powell. "We don't want to make it too flashy, but it's something natural and we just do it harder."

Members of the Philadelphia-based outfit often dress in white jumpsuits and face paint while they pound away at an array of unconventional instruments.

"Well, live, we can't really bring out a lot of the stuff that we would. We kind of slim it down a little bit, but we still bring a few things out. Like we have a small accordion, melodicos and different horns. Just some things that you don't see everyday, I guess," Powell said.

Man Man is currently on tour with indie-rock heroes Modest Mouse, which is promoting its new album, "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank."

"It's totally, totally amazing," Powell said. "It's been the best. It's a totally amazing opportunity and everyone in the band is just such a sweetheart. Everyone from the band to the sound crew are all cool." "Graham Lee Brewer

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