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Man purchases MP3 player in Oklahoma City containing secret military files



A man who purchased a secondhand MP3 player at a local thrift store discovered 60 secret military files detailing private information on soldiers and equipment deployment to bases.

Chris Ogle bought the MP3 player at an Oklahoma City Goodwill while visiting the metro, KOCO-TV reported Jan. 27. After plugging it in to his computer, Ogle discovered names and addresses of soldiers and details about equipment deployment to U.S. military bases. Ogle turned the device over to the U.S. Embassy in New Zealand, where he lives.

TVNZ, a public television broadcaster in New Zealand, reported that Ogle paid $18 for the MP3 player, which also appeared to contain a "mission briefing."

"The more I look at it, the more I see and the less I think I should be!" he told TVNZ.

Chris Daniels of the Oklahoma City Goodwill Thrift Store told KOCO in a Jan. 29 follow-up that the store doesn't resell computer equipment because of the possibility of accidentally selling embedded personal information, but said the shop might have to extend its policy to other devices.

"We didn't think to include MP3s in that policy and now we're going to have to revise it," Daniels told KOCO.

The U.S. government replaced Ogle's device with a new one, KOCO reported. Hopefully they made sure this one didn't contain any state secrets.

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