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MAPS 3 needs a spanking



I didn't vote for or against MAPS 3. I believe we need to grow our city, but not at the expense of others. Others that can't afford health care, elderly care programs, counseling for a drug-dependent loved one, and a meal on the table or a house to have a meal.

Somehow, MAPS 3 will make us all proud owners of a new convention center, a 70-acre park and other nonessential crap because we all have to pitch in to help a group of "fat cats" that don't give a damn about lowering the tax because we are out of work and luck. Many of us are waiting for the wind to come sweeping down the plain, to get rid of the bullshit. MAPS 3 is an attempt to cover the deprivation. We continue to pass projects that only a handful of Oklahomans enjoy. When this handful is tired of their old toys, they throw them away and expect everyone else to buy them new ones.

In weight loss, we allow appearance to determine what we've gained. We don't realize inside focus creates a greater external loss, bringing about the most significant gain. We can create a new city, but if we are not doing anything for our people, what good is a new city?

An education in commonness and uniqueness is a key to quality change in our city. We have to work together to rehabilitate our people and generate dollars that will aid everyone in becoming taxpaying citizens. We should erect living facilities for the homeless, providing them with job-readiness programs, and basic living and surviving skills. Some of these organizations we support as nonprofits should be required to freely offer their services to conveniently accommodate those in need. We need to heal our city before we start covering up wounds with a MAPS 3 "¦ I mean bandage. If we don't take care of our wounds, at some point they will become infected and burst open everywhere. We will have to hire more police and a task force to clean up before the contamination infects others.

I was a member of the Douglass High School Advisory Committee prior to the erection of the new school. I asked a question, "Why do we think 'if we build it they will come' when they don't know what they are coming to? Why don't we first seek educating not only the children but the community on courses that will be available?" For many reasons, the curriculum offered was great for all of those who knew about it. Not "knew of it," but knew about it. If we were to discuss education, then we should have desired to educate and be educated. We were trying to attract students to something they knew nothing about; evident in many of their lifestyles. Students weren't ready, parents weren't ready, and neither was the staff ready for the beauty of this project.

I have witnessed students called derogatory names, English classes going months without certified teachers, and a school board not focused on education, but appearance. Had those with knowledge shared their ideas, we would be celebrating high test scores and more children desiring college over drugs and dropping out. Was this project a success? It must have been to someone since we have just passed MAPS 3.

MAPS 3 affects more than students, and yet we are all students because through it all, we will learn a lesson. We make a huge effort to support a cause that will pump millions of dollars to our city/state and we can't tap a vein to the millions of hearts that pump blood in and through our city/state. Are we really doing fine, Oklahoma? As my mama used to say, "This hurts me more than it hurts you!"
"Robin Leake
Oklahoma City

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