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Marathon for the prize



week, those nearly 70,000 strong who follow Coyne became privy to the
Lips’ latest work, which may prove even more difficult to engage than
their infamous 1997 album “Zaireeka,” which requires four separate sets
of speakers and a carefully synchronized pressing of as many “play”
buttons to experience properly.

“Takes a long time to make a 6 hour song .................... ” read a recent tweet from Coyne.

to call in Captain Obvious on you, Wayne, but yes, in fact it does
probably require a long time to record a six-hour-long song. Probably
even more time than what’s required to actually listen to a
six-hour-long song.

Anyhoo, you can preview very brief audio snippets in the videos Coyne
posted with several of these six-hour-song-related tweets, but they’re
all so short in the scope of the project that it’s pretty much
impossible to determine what the thing’s going to sound like. CFN will
be waiting on silver trembling pins and needles to hear it because we
“Haven’t Got a Clue” what it’s going to sound like.

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