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Masters of Horror: Family



lues Brothers," "Animal House") directs his second episode of the Showtime anthology series with more verve than anything he's done in the past 20 years.


"Family" finds a game George Wendt ("Cheers") delighted to see he has new neighbors moving in: a cute married couple played by Meredith Monroe ("Dawson's Creek") and Matt Keeslar ("Scream 3"). Wendt's characters is lonely, since his entire family consists of skeletons of people has killed, stripped clean and dressed up. He'd like to make Monroe his new wife. After he finds a new mom and another daughter.


Landis is up for the gallows humor that the script requires, peppering it with his trademark of playing ironic songs on the sound track. He's almost up for seeing the premise through the one-hour running time, but it peters out with one more quarter to go. However, it redeems itself with a twist ending I didn't foresee.


The DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage that pull back the curtain on the film's rather impressive special effects. "?Rod Lott


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