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Maurice Johnson — Peace, Love & Jazz




“Hello My Brother” has a sweet flute interlude that, contrary to the title, leaves me wanting to say, “Hello, my lover,” as I lay her down on a down-filled bed. The Spanish-flavored “A Taste of the Sun” follows this idea up nicely with an aural frolic on a secluded Mexican beach, if only to wash yourself off from the previous song’s bout of lovemaking.

Other standouts include the silky “Let Me Touch Your Life” and “Some Wine and Conversation,” both allowing Johnson’s nimble fingers to pluck his strings with the prowess of a jaguar on the prowl, slinking and gliding in the dark, without being too intrusive or outstaying its welcome.

This disc is the easiest of easy listening, with a retro-cool sound that’s rare these days, as far too many jazzmen seem to be going for Starbucks-friendly drivel instead of mentally creating lush getaways to exotic locales. Book me two tickets. —Louis Fowler


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