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Maybe I’m corn-mazed



Credit: Brad Gregg

The 35-acre corn maze at Reding Farm, which opens Sept. 28, is the largest in the state. This year it honors the OKC Thunder with images of the NBA Jumpman and Thunder logos, Durant’s No. 35 jersey, Rumble the Bison, a basketball and a hoop — just about everything except James Harden’s beard and Russell Westbrook’s glasses.

It strikes us as a rather busy design, but whatever; it’s a corn maze, not an exhibit at the Venice Biennale.

The Reding Farm website suggests that journeying through the maze shouldn’t take more than an hour. Of course, even getting lost in it is part of the fun — provided you don’t need to, um, “water the crops,” so to speak — and certainly there are no devil children lurking about.

Chicken-Fried News is definitely not scared of a corn maze. It’s just
that our allergies have been acting up, so you go on ahead. Cheers.

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