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McAlester hospital CEO writes long-winded letter to the editor justifying his salary



The chief executive officer of McAlester Regional Health Center appears to be struggling with a case of what Bucky refers to as extremely long "letteritis," complicated by "complaineropia," according to a recent story in the McAlester News-Capital.


The newspaper, according to the story, recently demanded through the Open Records Act an accounting of all the salaries received by hospital management so it can print them.


The CEO of the health center, Shaun Beggs, wrote a looooong letter of complaint about the story to his employees, and the newspaper published the letter.


In the letter, Beggs squawks pretty loud: "Despite my requests to have input and understanding as to purpose of the story and my additional request to only publish the senior management team if it's absolutely necessary, they will publish a story in Sunday's paper," Beggs wrote. "We have no idea what angle the story will present. I believe this information should be private and no other private corporation is required to provide this information. I feel this information can be used in a hurtful manner and could create animosity and resentment within our employees.


"While I understand the right to request this information, I don't see how it serves any positive purpose and don't understand why it's newsworthy."


Uh-huh. Is that so? Beggs went on: "Unfortunately, some of you may think that the salaries we pay managers are very high. My only response is that ambition, preparation and hard work are what lead individuals to opportunities. I hope that each of you can rise above the temptation to judge our management team, but I realize on a very personal level that it is difficult to understand salaries of management," he continued.


And continued.


On and on and on.


Now, we're getting somewhere. We at CFN have a pretty good idea why it's newsworthy.

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