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McAlester residents showered with community spirit



Some residents of McAlester are getting to know each other very well thanks to their local gas company.


About 250 homes had their gas turned off after their utility, Public Gas Co., failed to make payment to its supplier, the McAlester News-Capital reported. Residents were not told about the financial blunder and, without warning, had their gas shut off.


Well, you can imagine the smell in those neighborhoods after a few days of going without a shower: No, that's not the trash can " it's Earl from down the street.


To help alleviate the gamey odor coming from the inhabitants of the shut-off area, the J.I.StipeCenter has offered free showers to Public Gas Co. customers.


"Just bring some soap and a towel and you can take a shower," said the center's director, Mel Priddy.


The center is open every day except Saturday, so residents might want to stock up on cologne and air fresheners for the weekend. Priddy said he has one shower stall for the men and three for the women. But they are in separate locker rooms (sorry, guys).


The area's emergency management director, Trent Myers, said he is trying to negotiate finding one more shower facility. But he kept on a happy face.


"It's better than the ice storm because then there were no other places to go to take a shower," he said. "We know what it's like not to have hot water. At least now there's a place for these customers to go to take a hot shower."


There, feel better now, you smelly residents. Not only could you be rank, but freezing your ass off, as well. Just head down to the community shower room. Don't mind those 15-year-olds trying to sneak a peek.


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