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McClendon's genius



I’ve had the good fortune to know
both men, who, by any measure, are two of the most visionary
entrepreneurs responsible for much of Oklahoma City’s renaissance.

is America’s second-largest natural gas producer. Early on, McClendon
and Ward realized the promise of unlocking huge deposits of natural gas
by fracking.

In replacing McClendon, Chesapeake said
it will look for a different kind of leader. It will have to because
McClendon’s one-of-a-kind corporate and entrepreneurial genius can’t be

As with many who enjoy great success,
Aubrey came under fire for how he managed Chesapeake and his personal
fortune. All too many were quick to criticize him and his company,
forgetting how much both have done for OKC.

Now, as he
leaves, he’s being praised for creating the best portfolio of energy
assets and spearheading the effort to make America energy-independent.

McClendon is only 53. We can only hope his entrepreneurial drive and ambition will resurface.

Don’t be surprised if Aubrey has a great second act that results in another American energy industry success story.

—Vince Orza, Oklahoma City

Orza is president and CEO of KSBI Channel 52.

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