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McD's match-up



Look, we love the Sausage McMuffin at McDonald's just as much as the next guy, but even we think this is a little much.

From the Stillwater News Press comes this tale of a drive-through run gone wrong.

Two vehicles pulled up to the dual drive-through at a Stillwater McDonald's " you know the kind, where there are two lanes to do the ordering, but it narrows to one lane to pick up the delicious treat. Anyway, a pickup and a silver Ford Mustang reached an impasse. Where once there were two lanes, now there was just one. Who went? Whose McDonald's would be enjoyed first?

According to the folks in the pickup, the Mustang butted in. (Maybe he was unable to control his hash browns need?) Then, according to the Stillwater News Press, the pickup people honked, and the Mustang driver "flipped an obscene gesture." (Ooh! We wonder which one?)

But that wasn't enough to resolve the line-jumping slight at the Stillwater McD's. Both drivers jumped out and argued before the Mustang man drove away. But not far away. He returned with a revolver, according to the article, and pointed it at the folks inside the truck.

Yikes! That's enough to make you grimace!

The Mustang man, later identified as 23-year-old Charles Clinton Jacques, was arrested on the campus of Oklahoma State University and booked into the Payne County Jail on a complaint of assault with a dangerous weapon.

But the big question. Did Jacques ever get his McDonald's?

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