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Brad Gregg

Legislators and law enforcement keep coming up with ACME-styled schemes
to stop it, but somehow that tweaked-out bird keeps booking it, whether
its final destination is to alleviate the agony of allergy sufferers or
in a makeshift meth lab.

so it goes. In the latest volley in the war on meth, Gov. Mary Fallin
last week signed a measure to further limit the amount of
pseudoephedrine a person can purchase, from 9 grams in a 30-day period
to 7.2. House Bill 2941 also ensures Oklahoma can hook up with an
electronic nationwide database monitoring purchases of pseudoephedrine.

Despite the hoopla of proponents, some in the law enforcement community expressed skepticism.

“Time will tell whether we
start seeing a reduction in labs in Oklahoma,” said Mark Woodward,
spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

“What’s going on in Tulsa with tracking is difficult because
[meth makers] are recruiting people who have a good ID …and they only
buy one box of Sudafed. The meth cooks are frequently not the ones
trying to buy Sudafed.”

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