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Mental Health America ranks Oklahoma sixth most depressed



There is gloomy news coming from a mental health organization about the state of Oklahoma. The Sooner State " with the unofficial motto "Oklahoma is OK," where the wind comes sweeping down the plains " is one of the most depressed states in the country.


Mental Health America " formerly known as the National Mental Health Association " put out a list that ranked the states and D.C. according to depression. And for Oklahoma " the envelope, please " No. 6.


Woo-hoo, now we can add depression to the list of things Oklahoma ranks high in, alongside divorce, obesity and women in prison. The hits just keep on coming.


Joining Oklahoma, at the top of the most-depressed list are Utah (yes, not much to be happy about there), West Virginia, Kentucky, Rhode Island and Nevada. The last one is strange. Nevadans are depressed about gambling and legal prostitution? Man, times are tough.


As for the happy states, the list starts with South Dakota (not enough people live there to be unhappy), Hawaii (that's an easy one), New Jersey ("Sopranos" rules), Iowa (must be all that sweet corn) and Maryland (go figure).


So what can be done to move Oklahoma up the chart without state-funded Prozac? A contributor to the 100 Ideas campaign believes making Oklahoma an all-nude state would be a boost. Maybe Rep. Randy Terrill's notion to get rid of all illegal aliens would do the trick.


CFN intern Bucky has an idea " more Mike Gundy rants. Or Gov. Brad Henry could treat this just like his reading campaign: "Get happy, y'all."

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