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Miami Vice: Unrated Director's Edition




Perhaps I judged "Miami Vice" too harshly earlier this year "? Michael Mann's consummate skill at evoking the twilit netherworld of cops and robbers was lost amid heightened expectations and what felt like a rather flabby missed opportunity, a splintering summer tent-pole flick.
Revisiting the film on DVD, particularly via this extended "director's edition"  "? which adds about 13 minutes to the film, yet also trims, tightens and clarifies existing footage "? I'm struck by the sobering, mournful tone of this alleged action-drama. It's as much a requiem for a dangerous way of life as it is a slick, seamy exercise in glossy voyeurism. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx remain, regrettably, buff ciphers, but "Miami Vice" is far from the flub I initially thought it to be. One of the year's more subtle finds.
The "director's edition" sports a fantastic, almost fetishistic commentary from Mann, along with a number of involved featurettes. Highly recommended. "?Rod Lott


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