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Plus, I just like writing “Honky Cat.”

This winning formula that has made Michael Summers the Michael Bublé of the 405 carries throughout the entirety of More. So slip on your finest cocktail dress, load up on olives and pour yourself a tumbler full of the perfectly blended tunes. 

“Secret Love Affair” is the way love songs used to be, and still should be: joyously sweet, privately flirty and loaded with fedora-tipping scat-swagger. The title track manages to out-Sinatra Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, drenched with a playful 2 a.m.-at-The-Brown-Derby appeal that would’ve made a killer duet with Sammy.
Really killer, man.

Speaking of Sinatra, Summers delivers an extremely sensual version of “Night and Day” that, if it isn’t used in diamond commercials soon, is a total whackadoo crime.

Finally, “On My Mind” is a wedding reception slow-dance favorite just waiting to happen, with lyrics that will hold many a newly married couples’ blissful gaze until death do they part.

Or divorce. Whichever comes first. —Louis Fowler

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