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Mick ’n’ Maher



Maher, a liberal, bomb-throwing comedian, has been a whipping boy for Republican pundits who’ve tried defending Rush Limbaugh by pointing out that, hey, Maher says crappy things, too.

On Maher’s program, the nattily dressed Cornett sported a dark suit and lavender tie on a panel that included talk-show host Dylan Ratigan and conservative columnist Amy Holmes.

The mayor cut a right-of-center stance, touting natural gas and jabbing at organized labor while also arguing that Oklahoma City has proven it doesn’t pay to “demonize” taxes.

“What people really want is efficient government,” Cornett said, drawing applause from the audience. “ As a result, we’ve invested in our infrastructure, we have a dynamic economy — maybe the strongest economy per
capita in the country — and over the last two years, we have the lowest
unemployment rate in the country.”

The OKC love was infectious enough for Maher to pipe in.

“Pretty conservative city, Oklahoma City,” said the host, “although I played there recently: They loved me. They were great there.”

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