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Midtown medley


Credit: Mark Hancock

There’s no easy way to describe Foodies.

I’m talking about the Asian-American diner in Midtown, not people who are persnickety about food.

Foodies is a tiny eatery that probably seats 20, if everyone packs in. It’s in a building that was formerly a gyro shop and a purveyor of Jamaican food, among other things. Foodies has some cool, funky decor and a few dedicated cooks and servers.

But at a place called Foodies, the only thing that matters — in fact, pretty much the thing that matters most at any restaurant — is the food.

It’s good. You should eat it. Then you’ll be all, “Hey, that’s pretty good,” and I’ll be like, “Yeah, I told you,” and then you’ll say, “I can’t trust you, Greg. Not since … the accident.”

Musical sting. And then the camera will zoom in close as I turn away, tears welling in my eyes.

And why am I crying? Probably because of the spicy ramen ($5.99). Woo, lawd! That’s some spicy ramen.

This is a big bowl of thin, curly noodles, shredded cabbage, beef, a hefty squirt of Sriracha sauce and a fried egg on top.

It caused me to exhibit all the signs I’m told come with crying. Watery eyes. Runny nose. A strange sensation of warmth in the cold, black lump that doctors say was once a heart.

I kept eating through the pain, however, because it was tasty.

If you’re less inclined to the heat, might I point you in the direction of the teriyaki chicken platter ($6.99)? It’s exactly what you’re picturing: chunks of chicken brushed with sweet teriyaki sauce, threaded onto skewers and grilled. Gourmet? No. Satisfying? Absolutely.

The pad thai ($4.99) is done well, although it’s likely less popular than the Korean-Greek fusion delight that is the bulgogi gyro ($5.49). Take a pita, put some sweet bulgogi beef and Asian slaw on top, and you’ve got a mighty fine sammich there.

Or if you want to get even weirder (but no less tasty), try the jam and cheese pita pocket ($4.49). It’s strawberry jam and shredded cheese in a pita pocket. I … it … you just … I don’t know how it works, but it does. It does so hard.

I was less enthused by the hot wings (8 for $5.99), but your mileage may vary. I like mine a little crispier.

And I know this is all backward, but let’s talk appetizers. The sampler platter ($7.99)
is a combination of potstickers and a salty soy dipping sauce, tender
crab rangoon rolls, crunchy and wonderful shrimp wraps and hand-cut
potato chips. Oh, and the potato chips. Some are crisp. Some aren’t. If
that doesn’t sound good to you, then you really need to try them.

It’s a treat. I love it. I love everything about it, from top to bottom.

was already a little neighborhood gem that plenty of folks have
discovered on their own. With the addition of spicy ramen to the menu, I
wouldn’t be surprised if I had to take a seat at the counter or get it
to go next time I get the hankering for a crying jag.

In fact, just thinking I might have to wait for my next bowl of ramen — sniff, sniff — look away! I don’t want you to see me like this!

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