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Miley Ray Cyrus talks creepy guys and her father with Oklahoma City radio personalities



In a recent phone interview with KJ-103's "TJ, Janet & Jrod" morning show (jeez, that's a lot of J's!), tween superstar Miley Ray Cyrus (OMG!!!) admitted that a lot of guys come to her concerts "¦ but not exactly the kind she'd like.


Cyrus, the singing star of Disney Channel's improbably successful "Hannah Montana" series, said it's not the dads accompanying their young daughters that she minds, but the older gentlemen who arrive alone.


"That's when it gets creepier!" said the 15-year-old multimillionaire.


This news comes as somewhat of a shock to Chicken-Fried News intern Bucky, who follows the girl's tour like a Deadhead. Despite a now achy breaky heart, Bucky is not one to be thwarted in his enigmatic "plans," confiding that he'll still be at all her future concerts; he'll be the guy wearing the wig, the padded bra and the snappy jacket with a bottle of ether in the pocket. Wait, say what?


That creeps us out, Bucky, but perhaps not as much as the past wardrobe choices of Miley's pa, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Of his duds in his heyday " you know, the pre-"Hannah" meal-ticket years " Miley told KJ-103 they were "so horrible "¦ the worst. "¦ Oh, it's so bad."


What, mum on the mullet? - Gazette staff

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