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Look, at least it's not the new Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation, but that's another review.

There's not much to Mimesis beyond the one-line summary above. Various attendees at a horror convention are invited to an exclusive, super-secret party that turns out to be the “game” — one in which they are stuck in a cabin surrounded by shuffling zombies who want to rip into their flesh. At least one of the undead looks more like a cosplay version of Brandon Lee in The Crow.

Despite the hardcore horror fans being, y'know, hardcore horror fans, it takes them half an hour to figure out the startlingly obviousness of their situation.

Conveniently, the fans who have fallen for the ruse share names with actors from George A. Romero's original film: Russell, Judith, Karl — heck, even the African-American character is Duane. I get that Schulze chose the names as an homage, but it proved a needless distraction one that took me right out of the picture and kept me there.

Yet that irritant wasn't enough to distract me from the pointlessness of it all. Minus the intro and a Scream-like denouement, Mimesis is a remake of Night of the Living Dead, pure and simple and shoddy. And we need another one of those as much as we need a Mimesis 2. Unfortunately, we're likely to get both.  —Rod Lott

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