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Ready for some earth-shattering news that will blow your mind? A recent survey by Oklahoma State University and University of Missouri researchers discovered a new revelation that is sure to impact bars across the metro.

What is this medical milestone, you may ask? Viagra for dogs? No, we'll let the headline posted at CNN's "Paging Dr. Gupta" blog speak for itself: "Mixing energy drinks and alcohol may lead to riskier behavior."

It may be hard to fathom, but college athletes are more likely to participate in energy binge-drinking when partaking of alcohol than their non-athletic counterparts, according to the study (and they're probably more likely to give each other high fives).

The study found that athletes mixing hooch and energy drinks became more intoxicated and engaged in riskier business than those consuming alcohol alone. Such overindulgence could even exacerbate mental issues.

"This can cause a sort of manic depressive state afterwards and over time can lead to anxiety disorders, especially in young people," said study author Dr. Conrad Woolsey from OSU.

Chicken-Fried News wonders if some of the readers commenting on the CNN story, written by Medical Producer Trisha Henry, were having a little too much fun themselves.

"We need a study to tell us things like this?" wrote one reader. "My bad; I forgot that society no longer has common sense."

But hold the Jägerbombs: CFN's intern Bucky wants to know when this research was conducted and why he wasn't invited. And he's not even an athlete, unless you count intramural ping pong.

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