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Credit: Brad Gregg

The country music star, who lives in Tishomingo with hubby and native Oklahoman Blake Shelton, stopped an Aug. 3 show in Hartford, Conn., when two female fans got into a tussle.

“There’s somebody causing
trouble right here,” Lambert said from the stage. “It’s making me angry.
I don’t really wanna have to kick anybody’s ass tonight, so will you
please get over it?”

The crowd roared with approval, no doubt wanting to
see aforementioned ass-kicking.

But Lambert wasn’t finished.

insult to injury, she told the audience the fight was over a boy.

so stupid,” said Lambert.

The gals eventually simmered down and let
Lambert get back to singing her hit “Mama’s Broken Heart,” a song about a
woman going crazy angry over a fella.

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