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Misplaced blame



He is upset about the National Security Agency and its invasion of our privacy. Let me remind you about some things that happened in 2008 during the Bush administration. There was the Protect America Act, which Hillary Clinton (a Democrat!) opposed, as well as then-Sen. Obama and Nancy Pelosi. This removed the need for a warrant to “eavesdrop” on whomever they wanted. What was this attached to? The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was amended in 2008 under, once again, the Bush administration.

Seems to me that these finger-pointers are scrambling to put the blame on everyone but themselves. It’s time for folks to take accountability for their own actions — the lawmakers they voted into office — and realize maybe they hitched their wagon to the wrong trail.

My final point: Obama isn’t the head of the NSA. Keith B. Alexander, who came to head this wonderful department in 2005 (during the Bush administration), is the man in charge here.

Who authored such a crazy idea?

On July 28, 2007, the Bush administration submitted the bill to Congress in response to 9/11. You all voted these folks into office; now you are reaping the damage they sowed.

—Lauren Riepl, Oklahoma City

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