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‘Mistaken environmentalists’



belittles religion for explaining climatology, yet endorses the
greenieweenie acceptance of pseudo-science to state that climate change
is largely due to man.

Since the
earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 95 percent water vapor, it stands to
reason that the moist air will retain much of the heat generated by our
sun. Carbon dioxide comprises 0.03 percent, yet mistaken
environmentalists, in their “Chicken Little” fervor, want to blame it
for global warming. Common sense reveals that this is a remote

Historical geology teaches us the earth has undergone many periods of warming and cooling, long before man was here.

teaches us the sun goes through cycles of thermonuclear activity
(sunspots) that sends more, or less, radiation and heat to planet earth.
This is where the majority of the heat originates that greatly
influences our planet’s temperature.

Who among you thinks man influences the sun?

—Mickey McVay

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