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Mitt’s no everyday folk



has hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore tax shelters, allowing
him to dodge his real fair share. This is the true American way:
capitalism, profit for profit’s sake. Hiding his millions in the Cayman
Islands in special accounts set up for Mitt by Bain Capital is not
against the law. It should be, especially for any person wanting the job
of president of the United States. Mitt has spent a small fortune
running for president in 2008 and again in 2012.

Mormon Church spent a small fortune the last couple of years running ads
about normal, everyday folk being Mormons. I am quite sure they (the
everyday folk) are. Romney is not everyday folk. He is a
car-garage-with-an-elevator guy. He is a
gated-community-inside-another-gated-community guy. His horse has it
better than you.

The term “vulture capitalist” was
leveled against Romney during the Republican primaries by his Republican
opponents. His opponents also claimed Mitt has a history of being on
both sides of every issue, depending on which way the political winds
are blowing. His pedigree is with the uber-rich as his mouth tells you
he is for the common man.

I believe Romney will seal
the deal and make America a country run for the corporations and by the
corporations. There will be more unrelated earthquakes near fracking
sites. More mountaintop coal-removal operations. More bioengineered
foods. More wars to protect our corporate interests. I also believe his
unclaimed deductions will be claimed in an amended tax return, win or
lose this election.

—Jim Ammerman, Norman

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