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Modern Family: The Complete First Season



e likely to see more than a little of your own fam in any given half-hour "? sometimes more than you'd like to admit. What's good is that the humor isn't born from a dark heart; it's good-natured, yet still biting, thanks to some super-sharp writing.

Across the board, this cast has to be the best ensemble since "The Office" debuted. As good as the Emmy-winning Stonestreet is, Burrell is the series' MVP as the unawarely unhip Phil Dunphy. Everything this guy does, says and/or suffers is comedy gold, polished to a blinding sparkle. I'd be cool if the show were just about him.

It should be noted that "Modern Family" contains arguably the most realistic portrayal of a gay couple on television, which could only do the country good to see, not harm.

The only danger is watching this set is not being able to resist watching one more, thereby eventually sacrificing sleep. There's not a dud in the two dozen eps, but look for ace cameos from Fred Willard and Judy Greer, as Phil's father-in-law and college girlfriend, respectively. Extras reveal how some of the jokes came from the creators' real lives, but the deleted scenes are the icing on this cake. And the best taste suspiciously like ... yep, Phil Dunphy. "?Rod Lott

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