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‘Mohicans’ by the numbers



0 Hollywood studio productions star Daniel Day-Lewis had appeared in previously

1 Academy Award win: Best Sound

$10,976,661: its opening weekend box-office gross

4 words of dialogue that landed on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the best romantic movie lines of all time: “I will find you!”

3 actors who played a totally different Hawkeye: Alan Alda, Jeremy Renner, Donald Sutherland

2 actors who played Day-Lewis’ role of Hawkeye since: Kevin Dillon and Lee Horsley

14.5%: its take of the total American box office on opening weekend

19 years prior to the American Revolution does the film take place

13 actors who
played Day-Lewis’ role of Hawkeye before: Harry Carey, Steve Forrest,
John Hart, Luis Induni, Kenneth Ives, Hellmut Lange, Harry Lorraine,
Massie, George Montgomery, Mike Road, Rolf Römer, Randolph Scott, John
Waters (not the one you’re thinking of)

30 yards of trenches enemy troops dig in a day, according to the Col. George Munro character

$40 million: estimated budget

50%: the mortality rate of colonists moving to the frontier at that time (give or take)

$75,505,856: total domestic box office gross

112 minutes: the length of the film

117 minutes: the length of director Michael Mann’s “definitive cut

900: American Indians employed by the film (approximately)

1757: the year the film takes place

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