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Money to spend



Oops. Our bad. She’s not an educator. She’s a former dentist who made a mint pulling teeth and filling cavities.

If she had decided to be a schoolteacher, she might not have that million bucks.

Instead, she’d probably be working a second job to make ends meet.

According to a story in The Oklahoman, Barresi
loaned $350,000 last year to her reelection campaign. She also loaned
her first campaign $731,345 and later repaid herself $60,000.

Hofmeister, Barresi’s Republican challenger, says the current state
schools superintendent is buying a job, labeling Barresi as an
“out-of-control millionaire.” By the way, Hofmeister is a former
schoolteacher who operates a math and reading program for children in

Getting Barresi
to admit her agenda, including the controversial A-F grading system,
has been a failure would be like pulling teeth. But wait; there’s good
money in extracting the pearly whites.

the sake of Oklahoma’s schoolchildren, maybe Barresi should return to
her dental practice. She could save herself a lot of money.

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