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Monkey business


Bob Barker

Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary was the recipient of a donation of around $200,000 according to Associated Press, from the former The Price Is Right host, who has a long history of donating to animal-welfare causes.

That money will be used to house five new rhesus monkeys from an unidentified research lab in California starting sometime late this month or early September, said Bob Ingersoll, president of the sanctuary’s board of directors.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to give a home to these monkeys from California,” said Linda Barcklay, founder of Mindy’s Memory. “Mr. Barker is one of the great champions for animals and their rights.”

Mindy’s Memory provides a lifelong home to more than 100 monkeys, formerly pets and lab subjects, as well as a handful of other animals. The arrival of the new monkeys is the result of a joint effort between the research lab, Mindy’s Memory and the animal advocacy organization Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

“What do you say to someone giving you a big pile of money? I’m so tickled,” Ingersoll said. “I could not be happier. It is a huge, huge benefit to us in terms of our reputation in the animal welfare world.”

Ingersoll said the donation is notable not just for the financial boost but also for the public commendation conferred by the Bob Barker seal of approval.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have this kind of recognition,” Ingersoll said. “It gives people the assurance that they’re giving their money to a sanctu ary that has a really good track record — so good that Bob Barker is willing to donate to us.”

Bob Ingersoll
Credit: Mark Hancock

Ingersoll said he hopes the recognition leads prospective individual and corporate donors in Oklahoma to help support the sanctuary in their own backyard.

“Pretty much we’ve stayed off the radar, but now we’re on the national and international radar,” Ingersoll said. “We’re wanting to emphasize to our local community: It’s about us. It’s about Oklahoma City.”

The McClain County sanctuary accepts donations on its website,, or at P.O. Box 134, Newcastle, OK 73065, or call the sanctuary at 387-4354.

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