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Monkeys and Bibles



I suppose that these bills would make laws allowing the teaching of creationism in the science classroom along with evolution.

So what would the teachers say about creationism? Would they bring a Bible to class and contrast it with science and teach that the book of Genesis is an accurate account of the beginning of mankind? OK, let’s say that they do this the first half hour, and the next half hour they would then discuss the evolution of man.

Talk about monkeys and bibles — I think this would trigger some interesting science-class/Bible moments that might not be favorable to the right-wing extremists in Oklahoma. If I were a student, I might raise my hand and ask a few questions.

First half hour: “How old is the earth?”

Teacher’s answer: “Approximately 4.6 billion years old.”

Second half hour: “How old is the earth?” Teacher’s answer: “As old as your preacher says it is.”

Next day, first half hour: “Which species evolved first? Man and woman or monkeys?” Teacher’s answer: “Monkeys, of course.”

Second half hour: “Which did God make first, man and woman or monkeys?” Teachers answer: “Man and woman in the Garden of Eden.”

The next day, first half hour: “Is evolution of the species a theory?

Teacher’s answer: “It is a theory.” Second half hour: “Is creationism a theory?” Teacher’s answer: “Creationism is a fact, just like in the Bible.”

“Then you believe only in creationism?” Teacher’s answer: “Yes, I’m going to run on the Republican ticket for the Oklahoma House of Representatives next year.”

— Merle Wright
Oklahoma City

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