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Monson defeats Humphreys in OKCPS election



Oklahoma City school board president Kirk Humphreys was unseated by former state Sen. Angela Monson as the final election results were finalized today.

The final results of the election credited Monson with 6,391 votes and Humphreys with 4,840. The percentage breaks down to 56.9 percent for Monson and 43.1 for Humphreys.

"I entered this race because I knew our children deserved the best and we could and should do more for them," Monson said in a statement. "We now have an opportunity to do that now. The real work now begins; so celebrate for a moment, and then let's get back to work. Our children need us and are depending upon us to pave for them a pathway for the future that is bright."

Monson had served in the state senate for several years before term limits removed her from office. She will be sworn in as the new board president at the next school board meeting on Monday.

Humphreys was seeking his first term as an elected school board president. He was appointed to the position last summer after Cliff Hudson resigned the post. For Humphreys, this is his second election loss in a row. He ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004 but was defeated in the Republican primary by Tom Coburn. "Scott Cooper

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