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Moonlight: The Complete Series




Were it hitting air now, following the smash success of the film "Twilight," instead of a year before it, CBS' "Moonlight" might have been a bigger hit. Regardless of timing, however, it'd still be an awfully weak show.

Alex O'Loughlin ("August Rush," TV's "The Shield")  stars as Mick St. John, which is just about the Irish-est name possible. He's a vampire, thanks to receiving the cursed bite from his wife (Shannyn Sossamon, "One Missed Call") all those decades ago. He's also a private detective.

Both instincts prove helpful to Beth (Sophia Myles, "Tristan + Isolde," "Underworld: Evolution"), an online reporter, when she sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. In the case of the pilot, that's the murder of a college coed. (It cracks me up in film and TV how perplexed people are by bite marks in the neck.)

"Moonlight" is an odd mix of genres: crime and mystery on one hand, romance and bloodsuckers on the other. It works as neither. The stories are uninvolving and rote, and the series practically jumps the shark halfway through the season, when Sossamon's character gets a doppleg

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