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Moore sends hate runnin’



a large crowd of Moore supporters, 10 Westboro protesters held signs
that said, “God Hates Oklahoma,” “Mourn For Your Sins” and “Destruction
Is Imminent.” According to Westboro’s website, the church members
believe the tornadoes were “God’s wrath.”

Kansas church protesters had a permit to protest for 30 minutes at 2
p.m., but counter-protesters crossed the picket line and confronted the
group, who left after only eight minutes.

best suggestion to those people across the street, find a country and
get a plane ticket,” a man dressed as Captain America said to KOCO.

As Westboro protesters hastily threw their hate-filled signs into their vans, the police intervened between the two sides.

Moore police said that no arrests were made because the crowd was “relatively respectful.”

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