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More driving challenges for Tulsa author



One hates to kick a man when he can't kick back (what with his shoes being on the wrong feet and all), but Chicken-Fried News wouldn't be doing its civic duty if it didn't mention Tulsa author William Bernhardt's March 18 drunken driving arrest.

This is not to be confused with Bernhardt's Feb. 23 one, earlier reported by CFN, as this arrest didn't end with the best-selling novelist's face on the pavement. It did, however, entail a spirited Sunday afternoon of a downed mailbox, a skipped red light, a just-missed motorcyclist, a hit guardrail and a blood alcohol count three times the legal limit, according to a report by KOTV Channel 6.
The officer who pulled Bernhardt over said the writer almost fell out of his vehicle. The report did not specify whether Bernhardt's previous "I lost my iPod" defense was resurrected.

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