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Morrissey - Greatest Hits




As a latecomer to the music of The Smiths, my first exposure to their former front man Morrissey was via a 1991 appearance on "The Tonight Show" (back when Johnny Carson was the host, to put it in proper perspective). Judging by the audience's fervent reaction, you would've thought you were witnessing an Ed Sullivan/Beatles moment.


Massive U.S. success never came for Morrissey, but fans of Eighties and Nineties so-called "college rock" still hold a warm place in their heart for the charismatic crooner. Is his "Everyday Is Like Sunday" one of the defining songs of its decade? I'd answer today as I'd answer then: You bet!


"Greatest Hits" includes that sweeping single' certainly the most beautiful tune on nuclear Armageddon' and 14 more. "The Last of the International Playboys" rubs elbows with the likes of "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get," both of which still sound sweet.



The disc leans heavily toward Morrissey's recent albums, so don't go looking for "November Spawned a Monster" or "You're the One for Me, Fatty." His current work may be less golden, but its still shines.


"?Rod Lott

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